Getting Started with AMD64

To install and run ONL you need is an ONL Compatible switch (see and the ONL installer binary. Every ONL compatible switch ships with the ONIE installer environment installed which gives you a multitude of ways of getting ONL installed on your switch.

We document the easiest way here manual install via console but the website contains a variety of installation methods including via USB, over the network, and even via ssh.

The resulting installation has a default account ("root") with a default password ("onl"). The network interface is disabled by default so that you can change the root password before the system comes up.

ONL Manual Install

1) Attach a serial terminal to the switch 2) Boot switch and hit return to go to ONIE's interactive mode 2a) ONIE will automatically go into install mode, if you want to do a manual install you will need to choose ONIE Rescue mode. 3) Download the ONL installer from and run it by hand

Expected Serial Console Output (from an QuantaMesh LB9, other switches ouput will vary):

    ONIE: Using DHCPv4 addr: eth0: /
    discover: installer mode detected.  Running installer.

    Please press Enter to activate this console. ONIE: Using DHCPv4 addr: eth0: /
    ONIE: Starting ONIE Service Discovery

    To check the install status inspect /var/log/onie.log.
    Try this:  tail -f /var/log/onie.log

Now press RETURN here to jump into ONIE''s manual installer mode. You should see:

    ** Installer Mode Enabled **

    ONIE:/ #

Then simply download the latest ONL installer for the appropriate architecture (powerpc or amd64) from the website and run it.

    ONIE:/ # onie-nos-install$ARCH.installer

    Connecting to (
    Open Network Installer running under ONIE.
    Installing in standalone mode.
    Unpacking Open Network Linux installer files...


1) If there is different OS(other than ONL) running on the switch. Then halt the booting process at U-boot mode, Then check for the ONIE details in the environment(=> printenv). Open the ONIE in rescue mode, while ONIE has many different installation modes, we recommend the rescue mode for doing a manual (read: via console) because it disables the automatic ONIE server discovery. Then run (=> run onie_rescue) command to take you to the ONIE environment.

2) For development purpose, to load freshly build ONL installer from directly ONIE. Run a http server from the build machine (example:python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000) and access it as,

example: ONIE:/ # onie-nos-install # update for specific file/date/build

Also, you can use install via scp with two steps,

   example: ONIE:/ # scp [username]@buildmachineIPAddress:/path/to/directory/ONL-master-ONL-OS9-2019-05-10.1640-8b1dfdb-AMD64-INSTALLED-INSTALLER  ONL.installer # update for specific file/date/build
            ONIE:/ # sh ONL.installer