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At the OCP Summit, team ONL annouced a version of SONiC using the ONL Platform layer.  The product is still in alpha, but available for testing on a limited number of platforms.


How to install SONiC + ONL and get support


Limited to the following hardware 

Accton/Edge-Core AS5712-54X
Accton/Edge-Core AS7712-32X
Accton/Edge-Core AS7312-54X R01A or newer (R0B does not work)



1. Attach a serial terminal to the switch and power on the switch
2. If the switch is running ONIE, continue to the next step, otherwise Install ONIE.
3. If you already have a NOS installed, please select "ONIE: Uninstall OS" otherwise choose "ONIE: Rescue" to go to ONIE's interactive mode
4. Copy the image to a USB disk or a webserver
5. From the ONIE# prompt run "onie-nos-install /path/to/SONiC_ONL.bin" where path can be a URL or local file
6. Wait for the install to finish and the system to reboot
7. Once the ONL login prompt appears login with the username "admin" and the password "YourPaSsWoRd"


Release Notes

The native SONiC command "show environment" now uses the ONLP output instead of the SONiC versions. This showcases the value of the ONLP interfaces while using the same, familiar SONiC commands.

The native SONiC command "show" now allows you to run "show inventory", which uses the ONLP interfaces to provide ONLP inventory. This command provides more detailed and rich platform information obtained through ONLP interfaces. This includes the details of the SFPs plugged into the system